RubberSmoke - The Flexible Smoke Generator

The Stored Energy Concepts flexible smoke generator is an innovative solution to today's security issues.  Utilizing a silicone polymer, the generator is pliable and thin, making it nearly undetectable when inserted between currency.  The red smoke produced is thick and can incorporate the use of tear gas and DNA markers.  Available in sizes ranging from US Dollar and Euro to full sheets.

Zip Paper

A safe and versatile igniter, Zip Paper has many uses.  Paired with an electronic match, Zip Paper is a reliable source of ignition.  Safe to handle and water-resistant, Zip Paper requires no special care, which means it can be utilized in many environments where traditional forms of ignition will not work.  Burning at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it will reliably ignite combustible material surrounding it.

Gas Generators

Stored Energy Concepts' Gas Generators is an electro-energetic device which can reach a maximum of 450 psi in just 0.95 seconds.  Certain designs cool the gas to 80 degrees Fahrenheit making them safe to use in most applications involving human interaction.  Available in various sizes and pressure configurations.
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