Bridgewire Welding
Bridgewire welding is a highly specialized process, performed under a microscope, resulting in an ultra fine wire stretched between two plated metal parts.  When an electrical current passes through the wire, which may be as small as 0.0005 inches in diameter, the wire glows like the filament in a light bulb.  The heat produced initiates a chemical reaction in the energetic material surrounding the wire.  The subsequent reaction can then be used to ignite more energetic material, creating gas, heat, motion or a combination of the three.  The temperature at which the wire glows and the current required to achieve the specified temperature can be manipulated to match the energetic material surrounding the wire allowing a wide variety of sensitivities and eliminate false ignition sources.

Stored Energy Concepts, Inc has over twenty years experience in the field of bridgewire welding and energetic devices.  We have the expertise and knowledge to produce exact and reliable bridgewire welding to suit your application.  Click here to request a quote.